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Birmingham SEO company supporting businesses throughout the UK.

We provide a digital high street experience, attracting the right customers through the doors and once in the store, we provide the perfect journey from lead to sale.

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SEO is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies for any size of business.

Our SEO packages will bring targeted traffic searching for your products or services to your website. We can help upsell opportunities at every touch point, increasing your average spend per customer.

The SEO packages below are more of an overview of what we can do to promote your online business above your rivals. As different companies have different requirements we always offer a bespoke service. Call us on 0121 573 0382 or 07434 628956. Alternatively, choose a package below that’s nearest to suiting your business’s needs.




Ideal for any business branching out online. A robust starting point for visibility in the search engines.

Starting from £350 per month

Monthly report and strategy call

Keyword research: inc. long-tail keywords

Competitor analysis

Analytics insights

On-page SEO: content and meta

Technical SEO: inc. robots.txt, sitemap 

Off-page SEO: health of backlinks and social media

Website optimisation support







For the startup looking to hit the ground running, or the established company wanting ‘next level’ online traffic and ROI. 

Starting from £600 per month

Our Business SEO package includes all the great online visibility foundations of Basic plus all of what’s listed below to grow your business online.

Advanced website optimisation (inc. page speed, navigation and loading of images)

Internal link building (crosslinking)

Backlink acquisition and citation building

Bounce rate insights and improvement

Removal of any Google penalties (disavow)

Keyword gap insights and strategy

Quick win opportunity: 

Competitor structured data research





We are leaders in SEO and conversion rate optimisation. Our Premium package could get you incredible ROI.  

Starting from £1,700 per month

All of the large corporations are investing heavily in ‘User Experience’ (UX) to get ahead of the competition and boost sales exponentially. With all the elements of Basic and Business, our Premium package also includes our UX expertise without the UX agency price. We will help you convert your increased web traffic into happy, paying customers

Heuristic evaluation 

Latent Semantic Indexing keyword research and implementation

Heatmap, clickmap, and visitor behaviour analysis setup

Conversion rate optimisation insights and implementation

FAQ section schema coding

Internal linking syntax improvement




JSF SEO Services could get your company a high return on investment by boosting your rankings and, in turn, increasing your online revenue. SEO company Birmingham
JSF SEO Services could get your company a high return on investment by boosting your rankings and, in turn, increasing your online revenue.

Why choose JSF SEO Services?

  • Google has prioritised ‘user experience’ as a critical signal for search rankings. JSF SEO Services is certified by one of the world’s leading companies in the field of user experience (UX).
  • We have worked in SEO for over 12 years, including managing over 20,000 websites for the largest telecommunications company in the UK.
  • There are potential customers out there online that want to buy your products or services. By enhancing the visibility of your website, we will drive these qualified leads via organic traffic to your business.
  • With over five years’ experience in conversion rate optimisation, along with boosting your online traffic, we can improve your customer journey to increase your sales even more.
  • We listen. You know your business best and listening to you helps us focus on getting you ranking on page one for the right keywords.
  • As all businesses are unique, we can tailor our services to your needs.
  • We won’t tie you into a contract for ANY of our SEO services. (Retainer contracts are available on request.)

Remember, we can offer subsets of the above SEO packages if your company is working to a tight budget and needs to reduce marketing costs. 


SEO is VITAL right now for any UK business.

SEO is one of the highest return on investment channels because Google is giving the traffic for free! The main task is getting that free traffic to come to your business, and that’s where SEO companies, such as ourselves, prove our mettle.


And we won’t tie you into any long-term contracts. 

SEO does not deliver instant results. It would be nice if you could implement a keyword strategy one day and see results the next, but Google and all other search engines don’t work like that as they are indexing millions of entries day in day out.

Search Engine Optimisation is an iterative process that involves lots of ‘little wins’ (as demonstrated by the SEO package tables above). The results come over time, and most clients will start to see ranking improvements within three to six weeks of consistently professional SEO work.

Therefore, we can discuss and put in place a retainer contract if that suits your business’s requirements.